Soul Factory Presents…

I had been trying to get to a Soul Factory Presents event ever since I’d heard about the organization, when their debut showcase included Darien and Choklate in 2012. I regretfully missed this show. Being one of the co-founders of ONUTSS (One Nation Under The Soul Shack), we had the honor of presenting Darien and Choklate, (who was the first artist ONUTSS presented) so I really wanted to be there.

If you are close to the New York area, love good music, (regardless of whether or not you’ve heard of the artists) and haven’t attended a Soul Factory Presents, now is the time!! Stay tuned for the next showcase May 2014!!

The Soul Factory Presents has presented the most talented artists in the indie soul business; some I know (from ONUTSS days), some I know of and some I don’t but know that they must possess a special musical gift, otherwise they would not have graced a Soul Factory stage!

Well, around August 2013, the Soul Factory Presents announced they were going to present Bradd Marquis’ album release party for “Thank You”, along with special guests Lamone and Laura Jane. So Detrel (ONUTSS co-founder) and I spoke about the event and decided we really needed to attend and I’m so happy we did. Life had kept us away from the soul scene and this was the time we were able to get our schedules together and make it happen. We were truly excited to see Bradd and Lamone on the same stage as ONUTSS had also presented them a few years ago on separate occasions.



Laura Jane

Laura Jane

Bradd Marquis

Bradd Marquis

Soul Facory

Me, Detrel and Lamone

The energy was high and it felt good to be in the same room as many of our soul family we hadn’t seen in quite some time. The smiles, the hugs, the live music–missed all of this!

Needless to say, we had a fantastic time!

The Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration


Cupid’s Hunt is the premiere online collaboration event where DJs and podcasters from all over the Internet release loved-themed music mixes all on the same day: Valentine’s Day!

This year makes my third year of involvement and I must say that since then, I look forward to submitting my mixes each year!

I am happy to submit the eighth installment of SeXXXy Love in addition to the fourth installment of It’s Complicated!

Hoping you enjoy listening to these mixes as much as I enjoyed creating them for yours and my listening pleasure.

SeXXXy Love Vol. VIII

1.   I Want cha Babe – Ledisi
2.   Human Touch – Kem
3.   Slowly – Syleena Johnson
4.   Examine Me -Warren Xcince; Etta Bond
5.   Phone Sex – Syleena Johnson
6.   Cry Baby – Raheem DeVaughn
7.   Nothing – Jill Scott
8.   Wet – Sandra St. Victor
9.   Obey – Dwele
10. Sexy – Will Downing
11. Dinner and a Movie – Ronald Isley
12. The Baby Maker – Carl Thomas
13. Intro – Slakah the Beatchild
14. Lay You Down – Jose James
15. Sex in the City – Noel Gourdin
16. Feels Like We Sexin – Calvin Richardson

It’s Complicated Vol. IV

1.   Interlude Introspective Mood – Mint Condition
2.   Don’t Talk to me Like That – Will Downing
3.   Place in Your Heart – Ty Causey
4.   Do You Want Me – Jade
5.   Do You Feel The Way I Do – Rahsaan Patterson
6.   Walkin – Angela Johnson f/Lisala
7.   Sick of Fools – Leigh Jones
8.   Crying Over You – Angela Johnson f/Trisha Angus and Lisala
9.   Only You – Jill Scott
10. Seven Days – Mary J. Blige
11. Still Come Back to You – Laurnea
12. Remedy – Leon King
13. Never Fall in Love Again – Gordon Chambers
14. No Guarantee Chico DeBarge
15. Love, Sex and Philosophy – Soul: ID

Have a wonderful Valentines extended Weekend, lovers!!

Music Minded Maniac

As a music lover ever since I can remember, lyrics weren’t as important to me as was a funky beat. All of that changed as I matured and paid more attention to the lyrics in a song once I started listening to music through headphones. 

About ten years or ago or so, I noticed a recurring theme throughout these categories I proudly coined SeXXXy Love, It’s Complicated and Funky Fresh Covers

SeXXXy Love

Sending both direct and indirect messages, SeXXXy Love is sophisticated, dirty sexual lyrics represented in a classy language, full of euphemisms you can surely appreciate; that is if you comfortably embrace your own sexuality.  This is where you get to “put your mind in the gutter”, as the play on words take you to a place where the room can get really hot!!  There are definitely a few shock factors in many of the songs if you listen closely. As much as we talk trash among ourselves and our friends about sex, the manner in which the artists deliver the message in the music makes you laugh, snicker, cover your mouth and say to yourself—or out loud, ”WHAT?!!”  Did he or she just say that??  This has been my reaction to a good number of the songs presented in the SeXXXy Love mixes.  You would probably otherwise dismiss these songs because like me perhaps you didn’t pay a lot of attention to what was really being said.  It sounds so natural, and soulful—the sensuality, such sincerity—something you definitely don’t expect—at least for me. If you hear a song you don’t feel is lyrically sexy in SeXXXy Love as I do, you can’t help but notice that the music is just as sensual as the lyrics—after all, they are soul-mates! Hence, the obligation I felt to create and present to you, the SeXXXy Love series.

See those three capitalized X’s?!  You know what they stand forsexual overtones AND undertones, freakish nasty moaning and groaning, smiling, laughing and soft air blown whispers you can clearly hear and imagine from the song, that could lead to a very SeXXXy night of SeXXXy pleasure. I ask my listeners to listen carefully so that they can get the full effect of what mood the artist is trying to elicit and wants you to receive—can you see you and your lover (actual or fantasy) in many of the scenarios the artist has created for you? I can!!

Remember that I am just the messenger 🙂

These songs have been carefully selected because of the SeXXXy lyrical content and shock factor they present.  I have an extensive music library I search by keywords and have found some real gems of SeXXXiness I had no idea existed–from artists I would not expect to have found such goodies!!  

These artists are versatile in their music and I find that they offer extremely SeXXXy lyrics, as well as PG-rated lyrical content.  You may notice these artists are a few of my favorites as I have used their songs in more than one of my mixes or more than one song in a single mix, including: Jill Scott, Eric Benet, Rahsaan Patterson, Raheem DeVaughn, Ledisi, Maysa, Will Downing, Floetry, Ty Causey and Jon B.


Jill Scott


Eric Benet

It’s Complicated

On the flip side of SeXXXy LoveIt’s Complicated is dedicated to those who don’t know where they stand in their relationship. It’s Complicated is dedicated to those who have communication issues.  It’s about the things that matter and maybe the things that really don’t matter. It’s about forbidden love. It’s about either one who has been emotionally scorned in one way or another, yet still loving the one who caused that pain.  It’s about falling down and getting back up.

The It’s Complicated mixes also tell stories of the world’s struggles; we are all in need of helping and healing one another. These songs will strike a chord somewhere within your soul.  The artists’ delivery of the song places you right smack dab in the middle of the story they are depicting for those of us who can, in fact identify with the particular situation.  You can’t help but feel their emotions—and that is one of the many splendors of music—it evokes feelings from deep down…

Ultimately, the It’s Complicated mixes are about letting it all out, they assist with acceptance and moving on with life’s ups and downs.

Rahsaan Patterson

Raheem DeVaughn



Will Downing


images (3)

Ty Causey

Jon B.

Funky Fresh Covers

Another recurring theme I kept hearing in my musical journey was remakes, or as many of us now refer to them as “covers”.  My take on Funky Fresh Covers dictated that I had to let my music lovin friends know that, here is a song you know, and it’s been funked up, but you may not know the artist.  Which leads me to another subject matter I will discuss in another post (ONUTSS). Some of you already know…

Stay tuned for the music mixes I’ve created for yours and my listening pleasure. Also, keep a look out for my photos and video footage of many events I attended over the years.

Please enjoy and share the  SeXXXy Love, It’s Complicated and Funky Fresh Covers  mixes in the following posts with those you know, appreciate good music!