Soul Factory Presents…

I had been trying to get to a Soul Factory Presents event ever since I’d heard about the organization, when their debut showcase included Darien and Choklate in 2012. I regretfully missed this show. Being one of the co-founders of ONUTSS (One Nation Under The Soul Shack), we had the honor of presenting Darien and Choklate, (who was the first artist ONUTSS presented) so I really wanted to be there.

If you are close to the New York area, love good music, (regardless of whether or not you’ve heard of the artists) and haven’t attended a Soul Factory Presents, now is the time!! Stay tuned for the next showcase May 2014!!

The Soul Factory Presents has presented the most talented artists in the indie soul business; some I know (from ONUTSS days), some I know of and some I don’t but know that they must possess a special musical gift, otherwise they would not have graced a Soul Factory stage!

Well, around August 2013, the Soul Factory Presents announced they were going to present Bradd Marquis’ album release party for “Thank You”, along with special guests Lamone and Laura Jane. So Detrel (ONUTSS co-founder) and I spoke about the event and decided we really needed to attend and I’m so happy we did. Life had kept us away from the soul scene and this was the time we were able to get our schedules together and make it happen. We were truly excited to see Bradd and Lamone on the same stage as ONUTSS had also presented them a few years ago on separate occasions.



Laura Jane

Laura Jane

Bradd Marquis

Bradd Marquis

Soul Facory

Me, Detrel and Lamone

The energy was high and it felt good to be in the same room as many of our soul family we hadn’t seen in quite some time. The smiles, the hugs, the live music–missed all of this!

Needless to say, we had a fantastic time!

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