It’s Complicated Vol. I

Looks Complicated? It is Complicated – photo credit, ohsoebony@tumblr

It’s Complicated Vol. I is my first mix in the It’s Complicated series. As explained in music minded manic; relationships and all the drama that goes with it, It’s just Complicated.

Many people refer to the It’s Complicated term as a relationship that is anything but love—such as sex, money, or some other type of benefit. However, I think that most would agree with me that a complicated relationship filled with mixed emotions that work their way to the forefront, brings about anger, sorrow, or regrets due to lies and distrust, mainly because one or the other has found someone else they’d rather be with and not sure of whether to stay in it or leave. Or, in another case wants his or her cake and eat it too. Some other causes in complicated relationships are due to a breakdown in communication, incompatibility, and jealousy. In addition to that one of the two is no longer willing to give 100% of their devotion.

Just as the lyrics suggest with all of these issues, love is prevalent and still an integral part of the relationship and in some cases supersedes all else—in spite of…

As you can see from the track titles, something ain’t right! This is what the It’s Complicated mix series is all about, and it’s just one of many to follow so keep looking out for them as I have discovered songs that delve right into ALL THAT!

I’m feeling the Rock and Soul collaboration on tracks 2-5!

As always, listen to the lyrics and ENJOY!

It’s Complicated Vol. I

1. Maybe I’m Not the Man – Marcell and the Truth
2. Disgusted – Lamone
3. Damn! – Cheryl Pepsi Riley
4. Falling Apart – Mint Condition
5. You Can Make the Story Right – Chaka Khan
6. Three is a Crowd – Milira
7. Trial Separation – Kenny Latimore
8. Best Friend’s Lover – Avani
9. He Will Break Your Heart – Darien Brockington
10. Get Over You – Faith Evans
11. Hollywood Story – Rogiers f/Bilal
12. Beautiful You Are – Javier
13. Stop Fanning the Fire – Junior
14. Lonely When You’re Around – Jill Scott
15. Lover and Friend (interlude) – Darien Brockington

Check out live performances of a few artists who are featured on the mix, where ONUTSS hosted their listening parties. I also caught Mint Condition in Brooklyn last year at the top of the summer. Darien Brockington opened for YahZara in 2010, and it was good to meet him after admiring his music for some time. The photos and videos are mine except for the MC video.


ONUTSS (me and Detrel) with Marcell and The Truth band member  2007

Lamone and Will LP 032

ONUTSS and Lamone  2008


Me and Rogiers 2008

Ain’t nothing like live music and good sanging from artists who can SANG!

ONUTSS presents Marcell singing Donny Hathaway’s “A Song for You”

ONUTSS presents Rogiers singing his hit “My Gift”

ONUTSS Presents Lamone singing his hit “Chills”

Darien Brockington plays SOB’s

Mint Condition plays MetroTech

4 thoughts on “It’s Complicated Vol. I

  1. There is no doubt it was the first of the series under the “It’s complicated” tag. Only by reading the track list titles is easy to guess. The ammunition it is not hidden here, will come back later to write down the complete chronicle for this battle, but the first proyectiles have a heavy load of guitar riffs to reinforce the anger inside.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, you did it once more, a perfect heavy feeling shelling, do not ask to me how, but I’ve been able to survive to the siege of the invading troops led by the Five Soul Stars Sista Suga. And this is not the worst of the chronicle, my secret intelligence services have warned about two forthcoming new raids.

    Over and out.


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