The SuperCruise XII: Five on the Cool Hand Side – Day 3

Day 3
Labadee Haiti
Saturday, January 19

In the months prior to the cruise, Capital Jazz solicited donations from cruisers to contribute school supplies for Haiti’s children. The response was overwhelmingly beautiful! Whoever didn’t make efforts to bring supplies from home made sure they stopped by a store in Ft. Lauderdale to purchase them. I contributed extra pencils and markers from my coloring collection and it felt good knowing the supplies Capital Jazz collected were going to help those children in need.

The Artisans Market huts were crammed with clothing, carved wood items, jewelry, canes/sticks, purses, boxes, and plenty of vibrant, organically created music-themed paintings on canvas. It was phenomenal to see so many transactions taking place with folks enjoying their exchange.

These guys were incredible!

You may be familiar with Will Downing’s song, Don’t Talk to Me Like That; well, meet the man who wrote it and sings it at his shows as well. Then you’ll relate their baritones and realize why Will was the perfect match to record it.

“I love the potential we have to introduce Gourmet artists to fast-food buyers” Vinx

Kenny Lattimore, the dapper don with his sangin self, knows he can breathe life into a song and WOW an audience! The backing vocalists are no joke either; look at Jason Morales’ face, lol!


I surprised myself by breezing through Studio B to see The Floacist; as usual, every night is filled with shows. I only sat in on a couple of songs and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent soaking it all in…

The Floacist speaking nothing but truths!

I discovered while chatting with someone that Citrus Sun is actually the brainchild of founder/frontman, Bluey of Incognito, and they’ve been on the scene for more than 20 years. Had I not received this info, I would have missed their jam-session styled performance. Bluey and the gang, mostly members of Incognito were busy bodies on this cruise! They also performed as Incognito, one of my favorite bands!


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The Capital Jazz SuperCruise 2021 cause 2020 is sold out!

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The SuperCruise XII: Five on the Cool Hand Side – Day 2

Day 2
Friday, January 18, 2019
Fun day at Sea

One of the things I really love about capital jazz in comparison to other musical themed cruises is that there is more than just jazz.  Since I am familiar with the Indie Soul Movement via my co-founding of One Nation Under The Soul Shack, affectionately known as ONUTSS, many of the Soul Lounge artists I am either familiar with or have hosted their listening parties in New York.

Hence, when Capital Jazz presents artists I am unacquainted with, like Secret Society, Black Violin, Jarrod Lawson, Chante Cann, Moonchild, Butterscotch, and Matthew Whitaker, just to name a few; it broadens my horizon and allows me to share excellent talent with my readers. These artists’ music you won’t find on your local radio station, which is why many believe good music rests in the past. I’m a witness, great music LIVES and BREATHES!

The weather was a little breezy but the sun was prominent enough to allow for some tanning and getting down with the Secret Society Party Band!  It was like rocking to a DJ set but with live instruments.  They tore the invisible roof off the sucka!

Sy Smith was having a ball partying with Secret Society and posing for Jeffery! I was watching from below and wanted to be up there with them shooting her! Sy was in her element…

I’ve been wanting to see The Baylor Project for quite some time and finally had the chance to see them do their thing, and they made me proud I was in the room taking in all that goodness!  What a beautiful couple they are who creates incredible music together.  You may remember Jean Baylor from the duo, Zhane (Hey Mr. DJ).

Running into my favorite artists and chatting it up a bit is priceless!

Not so good shot, however, we had fun!

Sheila E invited audience members to the stage to party with her after she paid homage to Prince!


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Capital Jazz SuperCruise 2021 cause 2020 is sold out!

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The SuperCruise XII: Five on the Cool Hand Side – Day 1

Day 1
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Sail Off

Here’s how the day began after we left the hotel, heading for the ship…

Michael Colyar, the CJ ambassador has made lasting friendships with many repeat cruisers. Every time he enters a space his energy lights it up beyond sight. People who can’t see him can definitely hear the commotion, realize who it is and a burst of laughter engulfs the room. This is what happened at the buffet while getting our grub on. Hugs smiles and laughter ensued when a group of ladies and Michael spotted each other; it was like a family reunion! Actually, anytime Michael enters a space this is what happens.

We were supposed to sail at 4:30 and didn’t depart Ft. Lauderdale until around 6:30 due to clearance of the most important subject–sound and lights. I don’t think anyone cared because this was going on…

About Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas

    • Checking in online and submitting a photo prior to boarding was genius
    • Our cabin was a door away from the promo room and allowed me to interact with the staff, especially Selina 🙂
    • Card scan instead of dipping it into the computer when departing/boarding the ship made it “smooth sailing”
    • Upon arrival onto the ship, the RC rep told us we couldn’t go to our cabins until they made the announcement that they were ready–as we boarded, they made the announcement 🙂
    • Keys were ready for us in an envelope, outside the cabin door
    • Pizza till 3 a.m.
    • $2 Mimosas on day 4

Checking in at the terminal where a Royal Caribbean rep directed us to the Artists’ check-in counter–sweet!

Getting all this sound/light equipment on the ship and approved was quite a task!

Royal Caribbean–impressive down to the food…

No mix and mingle at a designated hotel this year; the sail away party was on and poppin! Celebrated his 70th birthday while we were at it!

First up Jarrod Lawson with Micah Robinson, Tahirah Memory and Oweleo Lysette

Pat Prescott, Mike Phillips, and his band. That soundboard looks mighty interesting!

The food and service on this beautifully designed dining room were impeccable! Many cruisers chose to take the same seating and wait staff each night!

End of a long day 1…

Day 3

Day 2



The Super Cruise XII: Five on the Cool Hand Side

What can I say after my fifth sailing with the Capital Jazz Organization? I have not felt compelled to acknowledge another organization’s music event as I have with Capital Jazz. The organization always provides a variety of artists I may not be familiar with, which is why I appreciate that they give artists another platform to attain a new fan base. Even though I support a myriad of indie artists, my musical horizon is always broadened by attending the SuperCruise.

We set sail on January 17th and our Ports of call were Labadee Haiti, Roatan Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel Mexico. Over the next eight days, the weather did not cooperate by giving me the golden tan I desired before returning to below ‘0 temperatures in NYC. Even Florida was windy sailing out of port and a bit cooler upon our return.

The excitement and countdown began in 2017 when Capital Jazz announced the 2019 cruise. While I excitedly awaited the talent line-up announcements, I can’t be certain if my appetite is satisfied with Capital Jazz feeding the artists to us ala carte or if they should serve them all on one platter. One thing is for sure, getting the announcements piecemeal drives me crazy; however, it might be just as well for me to be kept waiting since this is what I’m used to; I’d have nothing to keep running over to the website for and get excited every time an artist or two is added 😊

This Super Cruise was no different than others in the sense of being jam-packed with activities galore and shows featuring many of my favorite artists I’d never get to see in one week, like Jon B, Stokley, New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill, Teddy Riley and friends (Guy and Black street f/Dave Hollister), Gregory Porter, Sheila E, and the legendary SOS Band to name a few…

Highlighting a few key moments and events—from day one, with Frances Jaye welcoming everyone on board with those silky, smooth soul, sounds to the sail away party with Doug E Fresh and DJ D Nice, all of the performances in between, to the last night with DJ Tanz, the ship rocked–and I mean ROCKED! The ship rocked waaaay too much on the way to Honduras and a bit less on to Belize the next night. My belly was doing overtime flips.

It was a pleasant surprise to see some of the indie soul outlets represented on this cruise like Chris Rizik and L. Michael Gipson of, and Kimberly Hines of who review music, inform and support numerous artists on their Websites that have graced many of the Capital Jazz stages.

L. Michael Gipson and Chris Rizik of

Kimberly Hines of

Sunday was filled with football fans at the NFC Championship viewing party, events like The Business of Music panel discussion and a lovely celebration of African Heritage with the Wakanda themed night, where most of us participated by getting dressed in our garb, we portrayed the Kings and Queens we ARE!

Wakanda Night

In addition to young, fresh, banging artists I was not familiar with like Butterscotch who blew a lot of our minds with her multi-musical gifts and Matthew Whitaker who took the audience to church and sold out his CDs, made a lasting impact on many! I can’t recall which show it was where he was absolutely engaged and digging the keyboardist at someone else’s show. Just a beautiful sight!

It seems like everyone I’ve mentioned the Silent Disco to so far have heard of it except me. When I arrived at the Sky Lounge to participate, I had about ten minutes and it was over, yet so very cool while it lasted! No music in the air, just music in your ear! Everyone received a pair of headphones, danced and sang to the music they heard in their ears and that’s the way the music played!

The Secret Society Party Band played the pool deck as the sun shined and the wind blew hard and fast. That didn’t keep us from having a grand time! Some of the other activities included Wine Tasting, Paint and Sip, and Salsa Dancing. Everyone needs some laughter in their lives and the good word to renew the spirit. Comedians Bruce Bruce, Melanie Carmacho and JB Smoove fulfilled their duties and Richard Smallwood spread the gospel far and wide! The Hip-Hop show with Doug E. Fresh, and Slick Rick and surprise guest Roxanne Shante, turned Studio B into a 90’s party where no one had a care in the world; it was beautiful to witness and overall good feeling to see so many people on their feet, having a great time!

Roxanne Shante

Members of the legitimate bald head community (males and females) attended the Bald Head Convention hosted by funny man, Michael Colyar. Don’t ask what it’s all about because they don’t tell 🙂

Who attends a show starting at 12:30 am? Everyone who wanted to see Babyface, that’s who! Where do you go clubbing beginning at 2 a.m.? Back in the day, NYC after hours spots would open around the same time, but this here is on a whole other level! Besides, where else are you going the next morning? Not to work, that’s for sure!

One of the most beautiful sights during this cruise is seeing artists who are fans of their peers, enjoying each other’s performances. The best is that impromptu moment! You have to be there to witness it when they are joined on the stage making magic happen!

The Capital Jazz organization works hard to include activities throughout the trip that appeals to guests who belong to specialized groups including fraternities/sororities and the military. Sea days are crammed with lots to do! If you like healthy cooking, dance exercises, yoga, participating in artists Q&As, music/comedy related workshops, costume night, a music/artist theme or preselected color to wear on designated nights, you can’t go wrong with all this fun–then there are dinner and the concerts… Whooo!

After attending a few of these cruises I became familiar with a few of the regulars. I missed your presence this year, everyone!

D Maurice “DMo”, vocalist with Eric Roberson
Samir Moulay, Soul Lounge guitarist
Steve Smith, Soul Lounge vocalist
Robert “WaWa” LeGrand, guitarist with various artists
Spur of the Moment tribute show (I missed the Funkology show where some of the featured artists joined in on their stage!)

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