The SuperCruise XII: Five on the Cool Hand Side – Day 1

Day 1
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Sail Off

Here’s how the day began after we left the hotel, heading for the ship…

Michael Colyar, the CJ ambassador has made lasting friendships with many repeat cruisers. Every time he enters a space his energy lights it up beyond sight. People who can’t see him can definitely hear the commotion, realize who it is and a burst of laughter engulfs the room. This is what happened at the buffet while getting our grub on. Hugs smiles and laughter ensued when a group of ladies and Michael spotted each other; it was like a family reunion! Actually, anytime Michael enters a space this is what happens.

We were supposed to sail at 4:30 and didn’t depart Ft. Lauderdale until around 6:30 due to clearance of the most important subject–sound and lights. I don’t think anyone cared because this was going on…

About Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas

    • Checking in online and submitting a photo prior to boarding was genius
    • Our cabin was a door away from the promo room and allowed me to interact with the staff, especially Selina 🙂
    • Card scan instead of dipping it into the computer when departing/boarding the ship made it “smooth sailing”
    • Upon arrival onto the ship, the RC rep told us we couldn’t go to our cabins until they made the announcement that they were ready–as we boarded, they made the announcement 🙂
    • Keys were ready for us in an envelope, outside the cabin door
    • Pizza till 3 a.m.
    • $2 Mimosas on day 4

Checking in at the terminal where a Royal Caribbean rep directed us to the Artists’ check-in counter–sweet!

Getting all this sound/light equipment on the ship and approved was quite a task!

Royal Caribbean–impressive down to the food…

No mix and mingle at a designated hotel this year; the sail away party was on and poppin! Celebrated his 70th birthday while we were at it!

First up Jarrod Lawson with Micah Robinson, Tahirah Memory and Oweleo Lysette

Pat Prescott, Mike Phillips, and his band. That soundboard looks mighty interesting!

The food and service on this beautifully designed dining room were impeccable! Many cruisers chose to take the same seating and wait staff each night!

End of a long day 1…

Day 3

Day 2



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