The SuperCruise XII: Five on the Cool Hand Side – Day 3

Day 3
Labadee Haiti
Saturday, January 19

In the months prior to the cruise, Capital Jazz solicited donations from cruisers to contribute school supplies for Haiti’s children. The response was overwhelmingly beautiful! Whoever didn’t make efforts to bring supplies from home made sure they stopped by a store in Ft. Lauderdale to purchase them. I contributed extra pencils and markers from my coloring collection and it felt good knowing the supplies Capital Jazz collected were going to help those children in need.

The Artisans Market huts were crammed with clothing, carved wood items, jewelry, canes/sticks, purses, boxes, and plenty of vibrant, organically created music-themed paintings on canvas. It was phenomenal to see so many transactions taking place with folks enjoying their exchange.

These guys were incredible!

You may be familiar with Will Downing’s song, Don’t Talk to Me Like That; well, meet the man who wrote it and sings it at his shows as well. Then you’ll relate their baritones and realize why Will was the perfect match to record it.

“I love the potential we have to introduce Gourmet artists to fast-food buyers” Vinx

Kenny Lattimore, the dapper don with his sangin self, knows he can breathe life into a song and WOW an audience! The backing vocalists are no joke either; look at Jason Morales’ face, lol!


I surprised myself by breezing through Studio B to see The Floacist; as usual, every night is filled with shows. I only sat in on a couple of songs and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent soaking it all in…

The Floacist speaking nothing but truths!

I discovered while chatting with someone that Citrus Sun is actually the brainchild of founder/frontman, Bluey of Incognito, and they’ve been on the scene for more than 20 years. Had I not received this info, I would have missed their jam-session styled performance. Bluey and the gang, mostly members of Incognito were busy bodies on this cruise! They also performed as Incognito, one of my favorite bands!


A quick look back!


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The Capital Jazz SuperCruise 2021 cause 2020 is sold out!

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