About Sista Suga


The Sight (the sounds in my eyes) of Sound (what my eyes hear) by Sista Suga—Pamela Nichols, the wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt is a photographer, videographer, DJ, and graphic artist enthusiast of all! Jack of some trades—master of a few. I never thought of myself as being the creative type but discovered in my later years that, maybe there is an artistic bone that lives within my body.

The Sight of Sound by Sista Suga is where I get to share my love for music and photography. Since a young girl, they have been an integral part of my life growing up in The Bronx. The two didn’t collide until 2004 when I began attending concerts more than I ever had. The independent soul music scene was becoming exceedingly apparent in my life, where shows were really intimate. They took place in small venues (and still do), allowing the audience and artist to genuinely vibe with one another in a way that excites and energizes the atmosphere with a warm and cozy feeling, all at the same time; these types of shows have truly delighted my senses! I just love shooting a great shot of an artist who is in the moment of their performance, whose music is always in rotation on any one of my music boxes. I am so captivated by photographing concerts I almost forget that I am also there to enjoy them!

Through my music mixes, I am painting pictures of love, sex, infidelity, hurt, and forgiveness. My intent is to have you close your eyes, hear the lyrics set to the music, and allow your imagination to wander and relate to the picture… And from my concert photos, what sounds would you imagine hearing from the artists’ facial and physical expressions?

I am thrilled for your presence at the Sight of Sound by Sista Suga. So, take this ride with me and share your thoughts as I am sure any of the song selections will evoke emotion and remind you of a scenario you’ve been involved in—past or present.

14 thoughts on “About Sista Suga

  1. I’m so proud of you my sister, it’s with great pleasure so see you inspire so many people through the sound of music. You’ve grown so much since your journey began in 2004. I’ve watched you come out of the dark and into the light through music. Keep pushing forward and continue to inspire others. I love you very much and thank you for being my sister.


    • Awww Stephanie, thank you so much! It means the world to me to me to hear you say that. People are so busy these days that it’s hard to tell whether or not I am making a difference because not many take the time, as you did to leave a comment.

      I love you and thank you for your love and support!


  2. I am not surprised with how lovely this whole Presentation is….I knew you were doing something special when u Kept saying..Ok..good …now stand right here…Ok…..come right here…Head a lil’ Higher!!!! lol This is FABULOUS!!! I Love it and I LOVED seeing you and hubby…and hanging and breaking bread with you guys..Then Me U and Laura with her Kray Kray Butt!!! Thank YOU..I’m so Honored to be a part of anything you DO!!! Love YOU Mamacita!!!!! ❤


    • Karen, the honor and pleasure were all mine! Enjoyed your show and your singing each time I saw you perform! I’m glad you had the opportunity and experience! Love you too and wish you all the best with your music career!


  3. Pam you are amazing… but then I always knew you were then and you are now… our friendship has spanned over 30 years…and I was proud to call you friend in the beginning and I’m overwhelmingly proud to continue to do so. You Go!!! There is no limit.. Love you, Proud of you… more than you know.


  4. I diffidently would like to take Michelle on a grown and sexy cruise I think she would love it and so would I Pam!! It was good seeing you on Saturday and again you are such a well dress women who carries yourself with such class and grace!


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